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CricBattle IPL Fantasy Cricket Tips:
 IPL fantasy - Bowlers vs Batsmen Performance
One of the reasons for IPL's success is the entertaining brand of cricket it has produced. Each match has one major clash between bat and ball, as well as one between two individual players. Though cricket is a team game, player battles do play an important part in a match. The IPL has played host to various engaging duels between players, which have even turned ugly on occasions. But most of the time, they're well spirited, enjoyed by both the players, and make for splendid viewing. Let's take a look at the top Bowlers vs Batsman performance to look out for this IPL.
4. Kuldeep Yadav vs AB De Villiers : De Villiers has no pressure of international cricket any more, and can play with freedom and express himself fully on the pitch. It will be a delight to see him light up the evening sky with his wide range of shots and elegant manner of executing them. It's hard to find someone who's as magical as ABD and yet makes it look so easy and right now, there's a bowler who comes close to that - Kuldeep Yadav.He has bamboozled the best in the business; his stats illustrate how clinical he has been for India in the recent past. RCB vs KKR has always been a high-octane fixture, with many entertaining matches being played in the past. It will be great to watch who can outsmart whom this season, and whether Mr. 360 or Kuldeep will emerge the winner. 
3. Mujeeb Ur Rahman vs Rishabh Pant: Both Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab had quite average run last season. But they have worked well in the off-season to draft a good squad. People might think these are the only things common between the Delhi Capitals and the Kings XI Punjab. But there is a minute detail that often goes unnoticed: both sides believe in young players and promote them.Mujeeb Ur Rahman is an example of the right combination of talent and opportunity. The Afghan was on course to win the Emerging Player award in 2018 but lost it to another youngster's heroics. Rishabh Pant, who won the Emerging Player award, also won the ICC Emerging Player of the Year award. Both Mujeeb and Pant have created ripples with their unorthodox style of going about their business. While Mujeeb weaves magic with the ball in hand, Pant specializes in hitting any bowler out of the park. Mujeeb currently holds the upper hand in the contest between the two. He picked up Pant's wicket 3 times now.But again, a lot has changed since then. Pant has turned into a charismatic batsman with a little toned-down aggression, while Mujeeb has turned even more miserly and is now incredibly hard to get runs off. It'll be a treat to watch these two young players battle it out.
2. Jasprit Bumrah vs Jos Buttler : Buttler hasn't got enough credit for what he's done, and he doesn't seem to be affected by it. Those effortless classical strokes, that ruthless bludgeoning of the ball and those delicate scoops and chips all seem to be under complete control when he's batting. The cold, calculating look in his eyes surprises you when he unleashes the shot, for all that comes out is heat - and the heat oppresses the bowler and torments him.The utter ease which with he plays his shots reminds me of another player who didn't care about what people said and went about his style of playing the game, however unorthodox it may have been. Jasprit Bumrah at first didn't catch the eye of viewers with his energetic pace and bounce, yorkers or deceptive slower ones. Instead, he grabbed their attention with his unique, 'weird' and confusing bowling action. The angle it created made things difficult for the batsmen and once Bumrah learnt to control it, he became a menace to face. What will happen when these two players go up against each other? Bumrah got the better of Buttler the first time they met, but Buttler owned the show in their second meeting.
1. Rashid Khan vs Virat Kohli : When Rashid Khan first burst on to the scene, no one would have imagined him bowling well against the batting greats. But now, the very fans of those batsmen shiver in fear when the young leggie has the ball in hand.Rashid genuinely turns the ball both ways. Even after hours of poring into TV screens, analysts can't say with certainty that they can read him off the hand. This isn't just unpredictability, but spin bowling of a higher level. You certainly can't confine him to one kind of ball, so with Rashid, you have to take it one ball at a time. He has bamboozled the best in the business and has scalped many worth a million pounds.If there is one batsman who is an able match to face Rashid, it is Virat Kohli. Kohli represents an unceasing, classical and consistent style of batting which no one has been able to reproduce. His ability to brush bowlers aside and dictate terms is remarkable, and the way he sets himself up to play the big shots by getting into the bowlers' mind is incredible. When Kohli and Rashid go head to head, it's a personal challenge for both of them. While the two modern greats are real gentlemen, on the field there's no room for mercy.
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